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UK matching current US plastic surgery trend says one of UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons, Ms Angelica Kavouni EBOPRAS. A blog…

It has been reported in the USA that the numbers of surgical facelift requests are snowballing, with women turning their backs on non-surgical injectable anti-ageing treatments. This actually doesn’t surprise me as I’ve been experiencing a similar movement in my … Continue reading

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Extending the life of your facelift is possible with the latest skin rejuvenation procedures says leading UK cosmetic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

You’ve had your facelift and are looking fabulous BUT remember the ageing process marches on regardless! Extend the life of your investment by taking good care of your skin and, together with your surgeon devise, a follow up long term … Continue reading

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Are surgeons solely to blame for Alicia Duvall’s predicament?

 Botched plastic surgery always hits the headlines – and rightly so.  All of us should expect the highest standard of care when undergoing any kind of medical care – and plastic surgeons do need to be accountable for their actions. … Continue reading

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One in five cosmetic surgery patients ‘is unsuitable’ Metro 17.03.13

There’s a piece in today’s Metro from BAAPS highlighting the problems of unfit patients undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures. This has always been high risk in the private sector, as pre operative medical assessments are not routinely performed (unlike the NHS). The article mentions the high … Continue reading

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UK plastic surgery statistics 2012: brows up, breasts down

  The latest data from BAAPS makes interesting reading.  My practice has definitely seen an increase in facelift surgery, but I seldom advise patients to undergo brow lifts, as I personally feel the procedure can change characteristic features too much. Why have the number of facelifts … Continue reading

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Famke Janssen rejects plastic surgery – but is wrong about facial rejuvenation

  Whilst I applaud Famke Janssen’s decision to reject future plastic surgery, she is mistaken about facial rejuvenation leaving you looking ‘strange’ and not younger. She is probably making reference to the ladies we still see parading faces full of filler, botox … Continue reading

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