Famke Janssen rejects plastic surgery – but is wrong about facial rejuvenation


Whilst I applaud Famke Janssen’s decision to reject future plastic surgery, she is mistaken about facial rejuvenation leaving you looking ‘strange’ and not younger.

She is probably making reference to the ladies we still see parading faces full of filler, botox and wind tunnel facelifts that some surgeons still perform.

The modern short scar facelift that I favour does not stretch the skin in an unnatural way, but instead gently lifts, restoring cheek definition and redefining the jawline – and leaves discreet scars hidden behind the ear and in the hairline.  This technique might not last as long as a more conventional (and old fashioned) facelift, but the effects are definitely more natural looking.

Until the public demand more natural looking facelifts from their surgeons this situation will not remedy quickly.  Just make sure if you are seeking facial rejuvenation, do your research, see around 3 surgeons and ask questions!



About Ms Angelica Kavouni FRCS EBOPRAS

Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS EBOPRAS On the UK’s specialist register and member of EBOPRAS, Ms Angelica Kavouni is one of the UK's most requested female cosmetic surgeons. A regular TV and print media commentator, Angelica has become known for her minimal scarring facelift and breast surgery. An increasing number of women also seek her for female body contouring of all varieties from straight forward liposculpting to ‘Yummy Mummy’ combination surgery, involving any type of breast enhancement with tummy tuck and/or labiaplasty. Also passionate about non-invasive anti-ageing, Angelica has set up her own in-house medispa (the Kosmesis Skin Clinic) featuring several key aesthetic skincare devices, which compliment her surgical practice. Kosmesis Skin Clinic is a unique skincare destination. Not only a stand-alone non-surgical unit housing state-of-the-art solutions for all skin issues, the Kosmesis Skin Clinic acts as an invaluable adjunct to the surgical facility also based at 129 Harley Street. Our experienced aesthetic nurse practitioners work to Medical Director Ms Angelica Kavouni’s own exact standards, delivering high-end care to all patients. Def: Kos-me-sis…preservation, restoration, or enhancement of natural appearance
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  1. Peter Moffa says:

    Moderators my question is purely just inquisitive but after thinking about it I would prefer if you deleted them, not that the questions are bad but if she happened to see them. thanks in advance.

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