As Amy Childs admits to plastic surgery addiction, leading cosmetic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni says practitioners must shoulder some blame for indulging these unsavoury (and often dangerous) ‘beauty’ requests

It breaks my heart to read accounts like this; young, vital women in their prime, often disfigured by aesthetic treatments. Historically fillers etc were manufactured to help aesthetic providers tweak and enhance facial features but recent trends and fashion has seen their purpose distorted, no thanks to the millennial reality TV ‘stars’.

In my opinion, many practitioners must stop indulging patients’ extreme demands to stop this unsavoury and often dangerous ‘beauty’ trend. Yes results of overzealous hyaluronic acid filling can be reversed, BUT the skin in these extreme cases is never the quite the same.

Lips are packed full of nerve endings and the surface skin is naturally quite thin – and when stretched to an extreme for a length of time the skin will struggle to revert back to its normal state.

My message has to be: girls please don’t follow the crowd, and practitioners please don’t do it!

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Mid-life skin issues needn’t cause misery according to skin care expert, Ms Angelica Kavouni Cosmetic Surgeon.

It’s not all about super-sweats and crankiness, menopause can also cause skin havoc, with long forgotten acne break outs and rosacea (red, flushed complexion) heading the list.

For many, the menopausal process is underway in our 40’s and usually completes by our early 50’s, with hormonal skin changes becoming increasingly noticeable.

We don’t really fully understand the mechanisms of ageing and its effects on the skin but we do recognise the symptoms and, thanks to modern technology, now have many ways to slow the process, improving skin texture and elasticity.

  • Rosacea
  • Pigment problems
  • Increasing lines and wrinkles
  • Loosening skin (thanks to loss of collagen’s ‘scaffolding’)
  • Resurgence of acne

Maintaining good skin health with a robust skin care regime is vital, and
should include some kind of skin resurfacing to help cell regeneration, keep
inflammation at bay, reduce pigment and scarring and also boost collagen
stores. My patients will testify that I am a big advocate of skin peeling – and
use many different ones during the course of a week. The Mandelic Acid shown in
this clip is a good example of a ‘light’ medical grade peel that tackles all
the issues described above. Its larger molecules means that it takes it’s time
to absorbs and so causes less irritation.

The Mandelic Acid peel can be used weekly for a course of 6 weeks with frequency reducing to once every 2 months or so. *Remember to use sun block SPF30 during any skin resurfacing treatments.

Ultimately, seek advice re the skin care regime suited to you, your issues and your skin type. Menopause can be a distressing time without having the added of adult acne or rosacea. There are many options open to you and to suit your budget – both for home and/or clinic based, medical grade treatments.

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Breast reduction surgery not pure vanity says leading cosmetic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni, as illustrated by Wimbledon champ Simona Halep

Simona Halep has bravely revealed she underwent breast reduction surgery a few years ago, after finding that her disproportionately large 34DD interfered with her game. This comes as no surprise to me, as many of my patients find their cumbersome breasts cause discomfort and pain in every day life, so one can only imagine what it’s like for women in top level sport.

Breast reduction / mammoplasty with breast uplift / mastopexy is one of my most favourite procedures to perform. It gives women a new lease of life and they are thrilled with their more manageable breasts. Puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gains and losses and menopause all make their mark on the size and shape of our breast and surgery can solve many of these body issues.

CASE STUDY: Louise 42years. I had been miserable re the size of my boobs for years and when I found Angelica I decided the time was right for surgery. I think it’s important to find the correct surgeon for you as this procedure is not for the faint hearted! Scars can be an issue and you need to be clear about that from the start. I have to say recovery was uneventful and I am thrilled with my new boobs! I feel liberated and ‘perky’ once more.

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As the numbers of youngsters seeking Botox® etc grows, injectors need to take a hard look at their practices says leading cosmetic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

One just has to look around at the youngsters of today to see that appearance has become of utmost importance – from heavily made up faces with uber-eyelashes to designer led outfits. For centuries women have tried their best to accentuate their best features and disguise their worst BUT, in my opinion, this rush to CHANGE facial features is wrong.

Professionally I haven’t really had much demand for facial interventions by the under 20’s – my patients tend to be more mature women fighting the ageing battle! However, one just has to look at the ‘celebrity’ role models of today with their over inflated lips and fixed, immobile faces to know that youngsters think this is now the norm.

Body dysmorphia is a very real condition and I worry that numbers will rise along with the easy access and relative affordability of non-surgical aesthetic ‘tweakments’. How can circumstances change? It’s a difficult problem to alter and we all need to step up to help our young:

  • Modern day celebrities need to face their responsibility (Kylie Jenner recently deflated her lips and allowed them to return to their natural state)
  • Parents need to instil feelings of self worth from a very young age
  • Injectors need to start refusing to ‘treat’ the most vulnerable
  • The press need to help with more responsible reporting (less glamourising)
  • Government legislation needs to take charge of much bad practice
  • Referrals to a 3rd party counsellor if dysmorphia is suspected

Some injectors argue that denying the young would lead to more unscrupulous, dangerous ‘back street’ practice…I say that without proper legislation this is happening anyway. Good skin care is one thing and yes, taking care of your skin from an early age with Hydrafacials etc will help keep skin in optimum condition BUT changing features with unnecessary fillers and botox is quite another. Our young are bombarded with so many images on a daily basis, and we all need to help them feel better about themselves and embrace their natural beauty.

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UK matching current US plastic surgery trend says one of UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons, Ms Angelica Kavouni EBOPRAS. A blog…

Career Facelift®

It has been reported in the USA that the numbers of surgical facelift requests are snowballing, with women turning their backs on non-surgical injectable anti-ageing treatments. This actually doesn’t surprise me as I’ve been experiencing a similar movement in my own practice. The reasons for this shift are many and complex, but I would say that constantly refining surgical techniques, shorter recovery times and predictable results all play their part.

Consumer expectations are high and after a while facial fillers don’t give the sought result. I am actually a proponent of hyaluronic acid fillers and tissue boosting Sculptra, but sadly for some time now in the UK, facial fillers have had some really bad press. It seems daily we are bombarded with images of the latest ‘celebrity’s’ ‘over filled’ face, who has become unrecognisable, often at the hands of overzealous practitioners. These images have definitely helped to fuel a filler-backlash.

My patients tend to be time-challenged and don’t want to be making office visits every few months or so for treatments – they’d rather achieve a predictable results in one go! The importance of initial consultation is paramount, as this is where expectations are clarified and treatment planned. Fillers, peels, laser skin rejuvenation and wrinkle relaxation therapy may still be required to achieve that final result. This is why I devised the concept of the Career Facelift®, to help me and my patients identify the most suitable path to best meet their expectations.

Shorter anaesthetic times, subtly hidden scars behind the ear and reduced recovery times have made facelift surgery an attractive option – but patients should be fit and healthy (and NON- SMOKERS!).

Fillers are definitely here to stay but moving forward, perhaps they will be used more cautiously. One can only hope! In my opinion surgical facelifts are not something used in isolation, but rather one part (albeit a major one!) of the anti-ageing jigsaw.

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Upper eyelid surgery under local anaesthetic – a patient’s blog DAY 7

Final result photos added

Ms Angelica Kavouni Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon


I’m almost there! Still have a lot of swelling but the bruising has almost gone. Stitches came out today and I’m ready to rock!

SOOOOOOO pleased, thank you Angelica!

As I mentioned before, it’s very strange as my eyes feel so less tired and ‘lighter’ than they didpriorto surgery. Once I have them, I’ll post my before and after photos.

Here’s to a much brighter Xmas!


MUCH LATER (several years actuallyyy!!!) I was revisiting my blog and realised I hadn’t posted my final photos! Here they are (needless to say I’m one very happy pup!) Angelica, you’re my superstar!

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Dramatic and see-saw weight losses can result in body image crises says UK’s leading female plastic surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni

A growing trend towards healthy lifestyle sees huge numbers of us increasing exercise and improving our nutrition, which in turn incurs (often) welcome weight losses.  Much has been documented re the importance of maintaining a healthy *BMI and it’s great that the message is getting through.  There is a tragic irony however – the +ve feelings caused by achieving target weight reduction can be severely offset by the -ve experience of having to face residual loose, flabby skin (most commonly around the stomach, breasts and upper arms).

Fad diets followed by binge eating are habits that many of us develop over our adult life and can result in large weight fluctuations.  Youthful skin is generally able to bounce back thanks to high levels of collagen but as middle age looms skin can be left literally hanging.

  Patients who come to me for help generally ask for help to fix flabby arms, belly and sagging empty breasts.  Before any surgery can be considered patients must be in good health and within a healthy BMI. Sometimes professional psychological and dietetic support is needed if they experience serial weight loss/weight gain issues.

Ways to help reduce excessive loose skin during weight loss:

  • Try to avoid fast, dramatic weight losses
  • Once achieved try to maintain your target weight instead of yo-yo’ing
  • Try to build muscle which can help to support the skin
  • Sometimes a surgical support garment can help to contour the stomach area
  • Include collagen boosting foods in your diet such as leafy greens and citrus, Omega-3 rich fish and grass fed meat
  • Be careful in the sun – wear factor 20+ sunscreen when exposed

Of course surgery can help remove excess skin but it comes at a price which is scarring. Scarring can be extensive: under the forearm (brachioplasty ), across the bikini line (abdominoplasty) and also around the breasts (mastopexy). It’s essential for thorough pre operative consultations to ensure patients fully understand. Many go ahead regardless as they’re tired of covering up and want to show off their toned, post weight loss bodies.

The overall message needs to be to try to avoid excessive weight gain in the first place – something which is easier said than done. Yes, surgery can fix most issues but it is not the answer for all woes. Scarring, cost, protracted recoveries and future potential weight gains and losses all need to be given serious thought.

*BMI: The body mass index (BMI) is a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy. The BMI calculation divides an adult’s weight in kilograms by their height in metres squared. For example, A BMI of 25 means 25kg/m2.

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Image obsessed culture: Instagram is a major influencer of the young psyche suggests The Times…a blog by leading plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

Distorted reflection of a woman No-one could have foreseen the cultural tsunami caused by Instagram, especially the psychological effects felt by the young and emotionally immature.   It’s a sad time for my profession as this industry that I love profoundly lacks legislation, checks and balances, which has led unscrupulous service providers to manipulate society’s most vulnerable – the young.

The Times put Instagram to the test by setting up an account under the guise of a 13year old girl. As ‘she’ followed certain influencers and realty TV stars, unsolicited pop-up posts showing before and after shots of rhinoplasty, a young women having facial fillers and another offering trial lip fillers.

This is obviously a widespread issue transcending borders and cultures and in my opinion, is a scandal in the making.  Practitioners need to take a long look in the mirror and examine their practices. Sadly there will always be someone out there willing to inject for a price, regardless of whether it’s ‘right or wrong’.

When is an acceptable age to have facial fillers?  Not an easy question to answer as its very subjective, and can depend a great deal on the individual context.  Kylie Jenner recently reversed her inflated lips and I can only hope that others in the limelight follow her example – let’s get our young girls back to looking normal!

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Men want it too! Angelica’s Career Facelift®, goes gender-neutral in the face of extra demand

man-wrinkles-before-and-after-picture-id918073280   No longer the domain of women – increasing numbers of men also seek to look their natural best for as long as they can…reasons are many but tend to relate to workplace pressures  

We all worry about the ‘new kid on the block’ at work and being left behind in the promotional stakes.  This compounded by the blurring of retirement age can leave us feeling very vulnerable in the workplace.

Angelica has tempered her signature Career Facelift® to enable both men and women options to turn back time and feel happier with the ageing process

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 10.29.14.png

Angelica: “Patients – both male and female – don’t ask to look 20 but instead want to look less tired and worn out, more refreshed and youthful and perhaps 5-10 years younger!”

She continues: “It’s an exciting time to be a plastic surgeon, as modern aesthetic techniques are constantly improving, offering us more scope to help patients turn their backs on the ageing process without major surgical intervention.  Personally, I offer combination therapies as there is no one treatment that can give natural looking results. During consultation options and expectations are discussed and treatments adjusted accordingly.”

Angelica’s Career Facelift®’s 3 X R approach:

Replace – facial volume usually with Hyaluronic Acid fillers

Resurface – fractional laser, chemical peels etc

Reconstruct – 60 minute local anaesthetic facelift, Puppet facelift, jaw defining semi-permanent fillers etc

Call 020 7486 9040 for more information


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Mediterranean diet lowers skin age and helps to keep weight in check (no great surprise says London based – and Greek – plastic surgeon)

GreekEnjoying-Dinning-Eating-Concept-585482828_4091x2439.jpg   Mediterranean food makes UK news headlines this week thanks to Tom Watson’s extreme weight losses, but really is this actual ‘news’ asks the UK’s leading female (Greek) plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni? 

Angelica: Those of us lucky enough to have been nurtured in Southern Europe embrace home cooked, locally sourced fresh food.  Diets packed with fresh fish, seasonal vegetables and salads have long been the mainstay of the so-called ‘Mediterranean Diet’, and eating healthily has been our way of life for centuries.

Naturally low in carbohydrates (especially the processed type) and full of vital vitamins, minerals and fibre this way of eating helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce laying down of fat.  When combined with increased physical activity quite marked weight loss can be achieved.

 How does the Med Diet  help to lower skin age?   Jam packed with Omega-3 / protein / anti-oxidants (Vit’s a, b, c, e) / natural anti-inflammatories / alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) – all these components are vital to keeping skin naturally plump, elastic and glowing.

There is not much point following the healthy Mediterranean Diet and nurturing your skin from the inside if you do not protect it from external factors, such as sun damage and 21st century pollutants!  In addition to your diet, daily UV skin protection of at least factor 20, day and night cleansing and Vit C serums are some of the key ways you can help reduce your skin age.

‘Eat less, move more’ has been the ethos of many diet pundits and to be honest maintaining a healthy weight is not rocket science – BUT it takes discipline to ignore the fast food delights that surround us daily.  Eating well isn’t difficult and can be a delight, (as I tuck into Souvlaki, Horiatiki and Yemista!).




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