Career Facelift developed by UK Cosmetic Surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni

career   Career Facelift

Angelica: ‘Retirement age is now a blurred line and many women (usually aged 40+) ask me to help them to keep looking as fresh as they can, for as long as they can. These women don’t have the time or inclination for protracted recovery times so skin solutions have to be effective with minimal downtimes. With all this in mind I have developed the Career Facelift.’

The Career Facelift combines a number of non and lesser invasive treatments. Each patient is individually assessed, and their problems addressed with a bespoke treatment package.

The Career Lift consists of one or more of the following:

  • Lifting with Silhouette Soft threads – eradicate signs of early ageing in the mid and lower face. These tiny re-absorbable threads reverse sagging and plump flattening cheeks by lifting the skin and promoting natural looking volume replacement with their inherent collagen boosting properties.  A gentle, natural looking lift that takes around 30mins in the office to perform and lasts around 18months

Results: instant and improve over time

Downtime: expect some swelling that settles in under a week

  • Volume replacement with Teosyal RHA dynamic filler – new filler from the Teosyal stable offering longer lasting results in areas of high movement such as around the mouth and eyes.

Results: instant and last around 12months (instead of the usual 3-6months)

Downtime: none (might suffer small bruising which can be hidden with mineral makeup)

  • Skin resurfacing – there are a range of options here with the ultimate goal of boosting dwindling collagen stores, removing unsightly pigment choose from Fraxel laser, Clear+Brilliant mini laser or the Obagi Radiance Peel

Results: instant and improve over time

Downtime: expect to look sun flushed for a few days after treatment

  • Skin shrinking – Thermage CPT is the gold standard for skin tightening. A scraggy looking neck can really reveal age so this one off radio-frequency treatment uses heat to stimulate skin shrinkage

Results: instant and improve over time

Downtime: none

Cost: varies according to which treatments are suitable. Please call the office for more information

129 Harley Street London W1G 6BA   t: 020 7486 9040  w:


Ms Angelica Kavouni FRCS EBOPRAS Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.  On the UK’s specialist register and member of EBOPRAS, Angelica has become one of London’s most requested female cosmetic surgeons.  A regular TV and print media contributor, an increasing number of women seek Angelica for female body contouring of all varieties from straight forward liposculpting to ‘Yummy Mummy’ combination surgery, involving any type of breast enhancement with tummy tuck and labiaplasty.  Passionate about non-invasive anti-ageing, her ethos of “I practice what I preach” means women all over the country also trust her with all their skin rejuvenation needs.

Kosmesis Skin Clinic is a unique skincare destination.  Not only a stand-alone non-surgical unit housing state-of-the-art solutions for all skin issues, the Kosmesis Skin Clinic acts as an invaluable adjunct to the surgical facility also based at 129 Harley Street. Our experienced aesthetic nurse practitioners work to Medical Director Ms Angelica Kavouni’s own exact standards, delivering high-end care to all patients.

Def: Kos-me-sis…preservation, restoration, or enhancement of natural appearance

GMC: 4002006

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Choose breast implant size carefully warns UK plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

breast red'n  As the trend of young women seeking implant downsizing continues to rise, Cosmetic Surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni bemoans the celebrity led fashion fads that influence young people today.

I started my private practice in the late 90’s and was then inundated with young women wanting overly large implants – driven by the actions of many high profile celebrities of the time.  In my professional opinion this was a trend too far and I rarely agreed to operate (I believe in body proportion and not extremes).  Now I’m seeing a growing number of women asking for chest ‘downsizing’ – and I’m very happy to help.

When the producer of BodyShockers approached me I was a little sceptical of the programme as the content is too extreme for my taste, however their underlying goal of educating the young against extremes of beauty is sound and of interest.  I have now collaborated on three series of the programme and Andrea’s story  (aired on January 20th on Channel 4) is very typical.

Andrea admits she made a mistake.  She had large implants to fit in with her colleagues at work and as the years passed realised her error. Large, disproportionate breasts cause many negative issues, many Andrea faced daily.

With support from her fiance, Andrea made the decision to downsize her chest.   During consultation Andrea indicated that she wasn’t keen on having scarring associated with breast uplift surgery (mastopexy) and chose to have her implants removed from an incision around the areola.   This turned out to be a good option for her as she didn’t want implant replacement and was lucky to have good quality skin.

Other women aren’t so fortunate.  These oversized implants can stretch both the skin and ligaments that have to hold them up.  Surgery often involves a breast uplift which has a longer  anaesthetic, longer recovery and scars that I try to keep in a ‘lollipop*’ shape but sometimes have to be anchor* shaped.

On the show the producers filmed a young girl who was 100% convinced she wanted overtly large implants (to go from A cup to F cup).  Andrea talked to her before surgery and the girl watched the operation. There was a positive outcome as the young girl decided against huge implants and settled on a DD cup.

My message to anyone seeking breast enlargement is to think very carefully about implant size.  Some helpful hints:

  1. Put some rice into the foot of a stocking and take to a bra shop – use the stocking to fill a bra and put on a tight T shirt, is is the look you want?
  2. Ask a friend to come with you for advice
  3. See around 3 surgeons before you choose the right one for you
  4. Ask to see some of the surgeon’s work

Ultimately don’t be a victim of fashion.  If you want breast enlargement surgery then do it for the right reason, because YOU want it – don’t be influenced by others (family, friends, lover or employer).

To read Andrea’s full story in Daily Mail:


*Lollipop – incision around the areola and down to the crease of the breast

*Anchor – again around the areola, down the the crease but this tup can travel around the base of the breast

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UK’s leading female plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni warns female cyclists not to suffer in their saddle, but instead ‘protect their perineum’ whilst riding to help prevent long-term loss of sensitivity and other medical issues

As numbers of women cyclists dramatically increase very few are aware of the importance of taking care of their ‘under carriage’. Regular chaffing of genitalia can lead to tissue fibrosis (hardening), rashes and even thrush.

The number of women consulting me for advice about their protruding or hypertrophied labia has increased 20% year on year. The underlying trends are very interesting – before the Olympics in 2012 the majority of women I saw for labiaplasty were post pregnant or menopausal women seeking help for misshapen or enlarged genitals. Since 2012 I have noted that the majority are now women who enjoy physical sporting hobbies – most markedly cycling.

With 500,000 women already on bikes and British Cycling aiming to get one million more women on saddle by 2020 (with their campaigns #WeRide and Breeze), female cyclists are now a growing force.

As burgeoning numbers of women are taking to the saddle, I now offer non–surgical advice alongside the surgical as prevention is always better than the cure. Whilst surgical refashioning of the labia is a bone fide and safe way to help reduce cycling discomfort, it is not the only solution. I often suggest additional adjuncts such as finding the right saddle, wearing the right clothing and using a protective barrier cream with a chamois base.

Any tissue on the body when exposed to regular friction or knocking will develop fibrotic tissue – much like the way fingers and feet respond to long term abuse. It’s a natural protective mechanism. The skin on the labia is no different; if anything, due to its high blood content and many nerve endings this area is much more vulnerable to long term damage.

3 key ways to avoid saddle chaffing:

1. It’s all in the saddle!
Invest in the right saddle for your anatomy.
Four rules of saddle contentment:
Wide enough?
Flat enough?
Firm enough?
Consider a cut out/T or pear shape?

There’s a lot more to cycling than meets the eye! I’m learning such a lot! Saddles can now be customed to one’s anatomy and a good, independent cycle retailer will have a saddle measurement device of some description. Bespoke saddles are a good investment as women have differing anatomical requirements.

Consider: padded saddles and cut out saddles too…cut out saddle

2. What’s lies beneath?

Padded cycle shorts and pretty padded knickers are now available and make a huge difference to the biking

3. Anti-chaff lubricant
Thank goodness the market now offers good alternatives to Vaseline! Try a silicone or chamois based product.

I love the fact that women are giving men a ‘run for their money’ in the cycling stakes! If hypertrophied (enlarged) labia are an issue for you then of course surgery can be considered and is very effective, but as always surgery is not the only solution.


Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS EBOPRAS Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

129 Harley Street London W1G 6BA t: 020 7486 9040


Ms Angelica Kavouni FRCS EBOPRAS Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

On the UK’s specialist register and member of EBOPRAS, Angelica has become one of London’s most requested female cosmetic surgeons. A regular TV and print media contributor, an increasing number of women seek Angelica for female body contouring of all varieties from straight forward liposculpting to ‘Yummy Mummy’ combination surgery, involving any type of breast enhancement with tummy tuck and labiaplasty. Passionate about non-invasive anti-ageing, her ethos of “I practice what I preach” means women all over the country also trust her with all their skin rejuvenation needs.

GMC: 4002006 129 Harley Street London W1G 6BA t: 020 7486 9040 w:

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Pregnancy and breast feeding can leave b

Pregnancy and breast feeding can leave breast empty and sagging. Solution? Post Pregnancy Breast Augmentation -YouTube

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ANTI-AGEING NEWS: The latest in thread lifting – the “Silhouette V-Instalift” – is now offered by Ms Angelica Kavouni at the Kosmesis Skin Clinic, 129 Harley Street, London.

ANTI-AGEING NEWS: The latest in thread lifting – the “Silhouette V-Instalift” – is now offered at the Kosmesis Skin Clinic, 129 Harley Street, London.

Known for her skilled thread lifting techniques, the clinic’s medical director, Ms Angelica Kavouni discovers the benefits of the newest thread to be released by market-leading brand, Silhouette Lift. 

Increasingly high tech, these new sutures are more pliable enabling the surgeon to pass the thread in two directions: up toward the ear and down toward the nasolabial fold, forming a V-shape under the skin.

Thanks to their bi-directional cones, these threads are able to self-attach to tissue, lifting without the need for hooks or anchors. Once in place, they create a controlled injury under the skin, and over time trick the body into producing more collagen. Six to nine months later, the threads and cones dissolve, leaving the face lifted and plump.

Angelica comments: “These new Instalift threads are more superior to those already on the market.  When used properly in the face, these threads can produce a lovely natural contour and can even negate the need for fillers around the mid-face – giving those of you who are afraid of the ‘filler-pillow face’ a real no-knife gentle lift option to combat flattening cheeks and early drooping jawlines.” 

For more information please contact t: 02074869040

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Exposed – 3rd world girls facing ‘breast ironing’ in attempt to disguise puberty. Ms Angelica Kavouni leading UK plastic surgeon comments

breast iroing 2 As if Female Genital Mutilation wasn’t traumatic enough for young women in the 3rd World to have to face – the practice of breast ironing has just come to the fore thanks to a few written pieces in key press.

Some disturbing facts:
– UN report states breast ironing affects 3.8 million young women
– It is a widespread practice in Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa
– In 58 per cent of cases the girl’s mother is the abuser

The claim is that women (tragically often the mother) use hot irons, hammers or spatulas to reduce growing breast tissue in an attempt to ‘asexualise’ the girls, to protect them from sexual predators, unwanted pregnancies and premature marital overtures.

I’m not sure how these practices slow or stop breast tissue growth. I suspect that it causes a build up of scar tissue which prevents growth and possibly shrivels the glands in the breast. Incredibly barbaric! These girls are subjected to this horror, often by people they trust, in the guise of helping them to continue personal development, complete education and protect them from an early marriage. In fact, according to experts in this field this practice is wrapped in tradition, religion and superstition, much like FGM.

There is no doubt that the girls are left physically scarred and mentally traumatised.

Education MUST be the key to ending these terrible abuses – education of both the young girls and their abusers.

Some sites of interest:

Will take place at the Northolt Library, Northolt: Friday 24th October, 2015 from 1pm to 4pm.The conference aims to continue discussions and to urge participants to join CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation in the campaign against “breast ironing”. Discussions will focus on the negative impact of breast ironing and on issues to protect girls from being abused through breast ironing and supporting families and communities.

Refreshments and Lunch will be served during the conference.

To confirm your participation at this important conference, please contact Geraldine Yenwo:
Tel: 02083689054/ 07942240643 or

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Guardian discusses Nutricosmetics – pot

Guardian discusses Nutricosmetics – pot £5bn ind by 2020. Believe manufacturers claims or pseudoscience? you decide ://

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Data from US – Gay and bi-sexual men mor

Data from US – Gay and bi-sexual men more risk of #melanoma due to sun bed use. Need to educate re the dangers

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Angelica talks ‘Yummy Mummy surgery’

Angelica talks ‘Yummy Mummy surgery’
“Critics of so called ‘yummy mummy’ surgery say that woman should embrace the ‘scars’ of motherhood and the majority of women do, but I feel strongly that women who choose to seek help are not made to feel badly. Ultimately feelings of low self esteem with altered body image can put extra stress on relationships and family life.” I see increasing numbers of post pregnant women who have either had multiple pregnancies or who have lost their pregnancy weight very quickly, leaving large amounts of loose, stretched skin around the tummy. A combined procedure of tummy tuck and with mastopexy can dramatically boost a woman’s confidence.”

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Angelica talks ‘Thermage CPT’ – the no

Angelica talks ‘Thermage CPT’ – the non invasive skin tightening option for those of you concerned about early skin sagging. Can help to define jawlines, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate dreaded turkey necks.

Only one treatment is required and with no downtime, this is the perfect treatment for those of you who really want to turn back the clock but can’t make time for conventional recovery.

Results are immediate, keep getting better with time and can last up to 18 months

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