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Angelica Kavouni’s Career Facelift® offers subtle enhancement, in many cases taking years off the face.

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Lucky enough to drive a convertible? Then don’t forget to protect your hands from premature ageing says leading UK cosmetic surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni

Joan Rivers: “Believe me, you can hide a lot of things, but the hands always give it away…” London March 2016:  Spring is almost here bringing with it brighter weather.  Don’t forget to protect your hands even on the greyest … Continue reading

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Getting fit? Wear a good sports bra to avoid premature drooping says UK’s leading female plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

As Spring approaches huge numbers of us up the ante in our exercise programmes. Whilst I applaud shedding a few pounds and improving cardiovascular fitness PLEASE give some thought to your poor Cooper’s Ligaments during this season’s escalating activity agendas! … Continue reading

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