Extending the life of your facelift is possible with the latest skin rejuvenation procedures says leading UK cosmetic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

AK Career facelift

You’ve had your facelift and are looking fabulous BUT remember the ageing process marches on regardless! Extend the life of your investment by taking good care of your skin and, together with your surgeon devise, a follow up long term treatment plan.

The results of modern facelift techniques last around 5 years – or more if you’re lucky! The good news is that you no longer have to rely on luck – there are numerous options available to help boost underlying volume, keep skin smooth and manage pigmentation problems.
The key to many of these treatments is stimulation of collagen production – the skin’s natural scaffolding system that helps to keep the jawline smooth and hold line and wrinkle formation at bay.

Maintaining good skin texture and improving laxity should enable you to enjoy your facelift for much longer. The key is to seek subtle rejuvenation to avoid looking ‘done’ and with an experienced practitioner on your side careful blending of injectable volume replacement with essential skin re-surfacing will leave you looking fresh and younger for some time.

Some rejuvenation options explained:
Volume boosting.
Fat pockets can slip and diminish as the ageing process progresses. Careful and expert volume enhancement will help you keep looking younger and fresh for longer.
– SCULPTRA. This unique injectable poly-L-lactic acid stimulates your body to produce soft tissue in the target area, leaving your face looking naturally fuller. Effects can last up to 2 years. A bonus of this treatment is collagen production which can help keep skin looking fabulous too!
– HYALURONIC ACID FILLERS. There are many brands of HA on the market today and we offer the safe, tried and tested injectables Boletero and Juvederm. Lines can be eradicated which help to keep you looking fresh and rested for up to 6 months.
– RADIESSE. A longer lasting filler, Radiesse can be used to fill troublesome nose-to-mouth lines with results lasting up to 2 years.
– FAT TRANSFER. A more invasive procedure where fat is harvested from one area and injected into targeted sagging areas.

Skin tightening
Skin laxity (or drooping) is a major issue as we age. Deepening nose-to-mouth lines, increasingly heavy upper eyelids and flattening eyebrows are common issues. Collagen boosting will help tighten the skin.
– RADIOFREQUENCY. Thermage CPT is the latest version of this effective skin tightening device. One treatment can help to keep the jawline taught and effects should last up to 3 years.
– SILHOUETTE SOFT THREADS. Lesser invasive threading which is performed in the office. Cheek bone shape can be enhanced and the midface and browline lifted.
– FRAXEL LASER. The market leader, this laser has a dual purpose – to rejuvenate the skin surface whilst boosting collagen at a deeper level.

Skin resurfacing
Pigmentation blemishes are usually attributed to sun damage, these combined with the build up of fine lines and wrinkles can make you look older than your years.
– FRAXEL LASER. As above. The Fraxel laser brings pigmentation to the surface and then flakes off leaving right, blemish free skin behind.
– CLEAR+BRILLIANT MINI LASER. No down time makes this baby laser a must for time hungry patients who want the results of Fraxel without the 2 day flush. Skin is tighter and brighter.
– OBAGI BRILLIANCE LIGHT PEEL. Several treatments may be required but this new offering from master medical skin care range Obagi ticks all the right boxes. Skin is left clear and glowing…

About Ms Angelica Kavouni FRCS EBOPRAS Cosmetic Surgeon

Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS EBOPRAS With a wealth of experience in private practice spanning 15 years and a regular TV, online and print media contribution, Angelica has secured her place as one of London’s prominent cosmetic plastic surgeons. Angelica has developed a reputation for her signature natural result Career Facelift® which blends minimal procedures with state-of-the-art anti-ageing treatments.  Her expertise also includes post pregnancy breast and body contouring and vaginal rejuvenation. Angelica is committed to safety and standards and her attention to detail is legendary. The Kosme Skin Clinic …where anti-ageing professionals and state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation meet Kosme Skin Clinic is a unique skincare destination. Not only a stand-alone non-surgical unit housing state-of-the-art solutions for all skin issues, the Kosme Skin Clinic acts as an invaluable adjunct to the surgical facility also based at 129 Harley Street. Our experienced aesthetic nurse practitioners work to Medical Director Ms Angelica Kavouni’s own exact standards, delivering high-end care to all patients. Def: Kos-me…preservation, restoration, or enhancement of natural appearance Ms Angelica Kavouni GMC: 4002006 129 Harley Street London W1G 6BA t: 020 7486 9040 w: www.cosmetic-solutions.co.uk
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3 Responses to Extending the life of your facelift is possible with the latest skin rejuvenation procedures says leading UK cosmetic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

  1. Hello Admin,
    This is nice post . Thanks for shearing this information. Can you tell me the best cosmetic clinic in London. I want to do my vaser liposuction surgery in London. So many clinics has promotion your services but I need best clinic in London where I can done my surgery. My friend told me that Harley Body Clinic ( http://www.harleybodyclinic.co.uk ) is best clinic. Any suggestion bour this clinic.

    • Dear Amelia
      Sorry for the late reply….
      Most plastic surgeons perform Vaser lipo sculpting and there is no ‘best’ practitioner per se…
      You need to ask questions before you see the surgeon:
      How many procedures do they perform per year
      Do you see the surgeon for a consultation (just seeing the admin staff is not acceptable)
      Can you see before and after photos
      Can you speak to 2 patients who have had this procedure with this surgeon
      I hope all goes well
      Best wishes
      Angelica Kavouni

  2. Good information about latest skin rejuvenation procedures ! Thanks for Sharing!
    Keep posting… We are at Medical Tourism company in India. Click to know more Healing Touristry

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