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Ellie Land’s animated film highlighting surgical procedure labiaplasty

Ellie Land’s animated educational film launched last night. As a surgeon who performs a large number of these surgeries, it was interesting being in the audience. One of the panelists highlighted her objection to labiaplasty being offered on the NHS – in order to be ‘approved’ it needs to be labelled as a ‘disease’ or ‘medical ailment’ and surgical correction is then termed as a ‘treatment’.
The speaker has a good point. I agree with her that enlarged or hypertrophic labia is not a ‘disease’ and correction surgery not a treatment, but more an aesthetic improvement.
There is no doubt in my mind that Labiaplasty can make a big difference to a woman’s body image, self esteem, sexual confidence and make certain activities of daily living more tolerable. Should it be available on the NHS? No, I don’t think so….I’ll be posting the film on my website after July 20th so look out for the link

The labia cup cakes looked inviting but, for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to try one!!


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Kim Kardashian LOVES Fraxel laser treatments

Kim Kardashian comments on the wonders of Fraxel in the Daily Mail. We in the anti-ageing business recognised the superior results of this laser many years ago. 
Fraxel Dual provides solutions for anti-ageing, acne, scarring, stretch marks and pigmentation.
My clinic has just acquired the Fraxel Dual system and it’s great. Fine lines and wrinkles are kept in bay and the skin’s texture really improves after just one treatment.
Best results are seen after a course of 2 or 3 sessions spread 8 weeks apart and then one maintenance session annually. 
Also, Fraxel laser therapy is a great way for post facelift patients to get the best from their surgery.

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Exercise needed post liposuction to prevent weight gain

Interesting study findings.  It’s always good to have science back up what we plastic surgeons already know – that sedentary lifestyles post liposuction can lead to the laying down of fat elsewhere in the body.  The increase of visceral fat collections seen here is disturbing.


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