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As another plastic surgery tourist disaster makes headlines, London based plastic surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni highlights issues of travelling abroad for surgery

   It saddens me to read about yet another woman suffering after seeking surgery abroad.  It’s unclear the reason(s) for her issues, but the fact remains that her surgeon, who is based in Turkey was not able to help. Undergoing … Continue reading

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NON-SURGICAL 3D-Lipomed body sculpting by Ms Angelica Kavouni on tonight’s episode of SKY TV’s ‘Dr Christian Will See You Now’

The majority of mothers are happy to bear the physical results of child birth and this I applaud.  However there are many who mourn the loss of their shape and wish to return it to some semblance of its pre … Continue reading

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Angelica Kavouni talks lumps, bumps and cellulite on SKY TV, also demos Cellulaze, the new cellulite treatment that works!

   Zap that cellulite with Cellulaze – the laser treatment that works.  Angelica is interviewed on SKY TV’s Celebrity Beauty Secrets discussing cellulite and the new wonder treatment Cellulaze At last, some good news for women plagued by the pesky … Continue reading

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Battling batwings. Ms Angelica Kavouni offers solutions for those sagging arms

    Battling batwings: as numbers of women seeking solutions to flabby upper arms skyrocket, Angelica discusses causes and cures Not just an ageing issue for the over 40’s, sagging upper arm skin is now a concern for many women 20+, … Continue reading

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My tummy tuck – a patient’s perspective

  All my life I had been struggling with my shape – couldn’t even blame it on having kids, it was just due to some bad luck in the gene pool! Not a classic pear, but enough of one to … Continue reading

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