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Failed the dimple check test? Get bikini ready with Ms Angelica Kavouni’s no-knife cellulite fix

  Ms Angelica Kavouni’s cellulite fix At last, some good news for women plagued by the pesky lumps and bumps of cellulite, a combo treatment to smooth the skin’s surface and get rid of unsightly ‘orange peel’. What causes cellulite? Angelica: “The … Continue reading

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Choose breast implant size carefully warns UK plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

  As the trend of young women seeking implant downsizing continues to rise, Cosmetic Surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni bemoans the celebrity led fashion fads that influence young people today. I started my private practice in the late 90’s and was … Continue reading

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UK’s leading female plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni warns female cyclists not to suffer in their saddle, but instead ‘protect their perineum’ whilst riding to help prevent long-term loss of sensitivity and other medical issues

As numbers of women cyclists dramatically increase very few are aware of the importance of taking care of their ‘under carriage’. Regular chaffing of genitalia can lead to tissue fibrosis (hardening), rashes and even thrush. The number of women consulting … Continue reading

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‘Young at extra risk for Body Dysmorphic Disorder’ says Ms Angelica Kavouni Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of London’s Kosmesis Skin Clinic

  Much has been written over the summer about the increasing numbers of younger people seeking plastic surgery. This is not something I have experienced in my London practice, however if true, this is a very worrying trend and these … Continue reading

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Breast reduction (mammoplasty) numbers on the rise – top UK plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni helps to explain why

   I applaud actress Ariel Winter for openly admitting to undergoing breast reduction surgery. Stigma still surrounds this surgery with women being labelled vain etc.  Critics have no idea about the levels of pain, physical discomfort and embarrassment experienced by … Continue reading

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Getting fit? Wear a good sports bra to avoid premature drooping says UK’s leading female plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni

As Spring approaches huge numbers of us up the ante in our exercise programmes. Whilst I applaud shedding a few pounds and improving cardiovascular fitness PLEASE give some thought to your poor Cooper’s Ligaments during this season’s escalating activity agendas! … Continue reading

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As PIP implant boss is jailed for 4 years my fear remains that this seemingly lenient sentence won’t deter other health scammers in the future. A blog by Angelica Kavouni

PIP company boss Jean-Claude Mas has been sentenced to 4 years and given a 75,000 Euro fine, leaving many breast implant recipients feeling let down yet again. Many will feel that this punishment is too lenient and the worry remains … Continue reading

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Daily Mail discusses ‘Turkey neck’ solutions (Don’t flap! You CAN get rid of a turkey neck…) BUT don’t forget radio frequency Thermage says Ms Angelica Kavouni, top London plastic surgeon

  Feature in today’s Daily Mail showcases a few options for those of you concerned about signs of ageing in the neck. Efficacy of any of the listed treatments (and others) depends on the degree of skin laxity, muscle looseness and fat … Continue reading

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A patient’s story – how plastic surgery saved my sanity. Body lift surgery after dramatic weight loss with Ms Angelica Kavouni

I aged 50years in under a year! I had always been heavy, even as a schoolgirl and as puberty hit the problem just became worse. Even though I hated being fat, food gave me temporary comfort and I couldn’t break … Continue reading

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Angelica Kavouni talks lumps, bumps and cellulite on SKY TV, also demos Cellulaze, the new cellulite treatment that works!

   Zap that cellulite with Cellulaze – the laser treatment that works.  Angelica is interviewed on SKY TV’s Celebrity Beauty Secrets discussing cellulite and the new wonder treatment Cellulaze At last, some good news for women plagued by the pesky … Continue reading

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