Ellie Land’s animated film highlighting surgical procedure labiaplasty

Ellie Land’s animated educational film launched last night. As a surgeon who performs a large number of these surgeries, it was interesting being in the audience. One of the panelists highlighted her objection to labiaplasty being offered on the NHS – in order to be ‘approved’ it needs to be labelled as a ‘disease’ or ‘medical ailment’ and surgical correction is then termed as a ‘treatment’.
The speaker has a good point. I agree with her that enlarged or hypertrophic labia is not a ‘disease’ and correction surgery not a treatment, but more an aesthetic improvement.
There is no doubt in my mind that Labiaplasty can make a big difference to a woman’s body image, self esteem, sexual confidence and make certain activities of daily living more tolerable. Should it be available on the NHS? No, I don’t think so….I’ll be posting the film on my website after July 20th so look out for the link


The labia cup cakes looked inviting but, for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to try one!!


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