Of course there can be co…

Of course there can be compelling reasons why a woman under 40 undergoes a surgical facelift, but I am very loathe to suggest surgical facelifts for my patients in this age group


In response to Daily Mail’s Life&Style Monday April 9th 2012

‘…As surgeons reveal a worrying rise in 30-somethings demanding nip-and-tucks to ward off ageing….does anyone need a facelift before 40?…’

Diana Appleyard wrote a thought provoking piece on the rise of facelifts in the ‘young’.   It is true that we all age at differing rates and, thanks to various lifestyle choices, such as smoking and sun exposure, this process can be accelerated – sometimes quite dramatically.

Of course surgical intervention is an effective way to reverse early jowl formation, and results are predictable with around 5-10 years longevity.  Of course there can be compelling reasons why a woman under 40 undergoes a surgical facelift, but I am very loathe to suggest surgical facelifts for my patients in this age group,  especially as there are so many other, good, tried and tested and less invasive alternatives available.  I personally believe we are doing our patients a disservice by jumping to surgical solutions.

There seems to be an assumption that if you have a facelift then that’s you sorted for 10 years.  This is not the case.  There is a degree of ‘upkeep’ required post facelift, to ensure one gets the best from surgery, such as: facial volume replacement; skin laser resurfacing or chemical peeling to keep the skin in tip top condition…

There are many reasons why the non-surgical anti-ageing market is growing – and patients’ expectation has to be one of the main ones.  Thanks to health and beauty journalism, women know about no-knife options –  and are much more likely to request these than surgery.

As health based technological advances continue, the impact on my chosen speciality will grow and I envisage non-surgical anti-ageing options will increase in number and efficacy.  It is our role as health care providers and plastic surgeons to keep abreast of these changes, and to be able to offer our patients a full service, embracing no knife solutions – especially in the young.

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About Ms Angelica Kavouni FRCS EBOPRAS

Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS EBOPRAS On the UK’s specialist register and member of EBOPRAS, Ms Angelica Kavouni is one of the UK's most requested female cosmetic surgeons. A regular TV and print media commentator, Angelica has become known for her minimal scarring facelift and breast surgery. An increasing number of women also seek her for female body contouring of all varieties from straight forward liposculpting to ‘Yummy Mummy’ combination surgery, involving any type of breast enhancement with tummy tuck and/or labiaplasty. Also passionate about non-invasive anti-ageing, Angelica has set up her own in-house medispa (the Kosmesis Skin Clinic) featuring several key aesthetic skincare devices, which compliment her surgical practice. Kosmesis Skin Clinic is a unique skincare destination. Not only a stand-alone non-surgical unit housing state-of-the-art solutions for all skin issues, the Kosmesis Skin Clinic acts as an invaluable adjunct to the surgical facility also based at 129 Harley Street. Our experienced aesthetic nurse practitioners work to Medical Director Ms Angelica Kavouni’s own exact standards, delivering high-end care to all patients. Def: Kos-me-sis…preservation, restoration, or enhancement of natural appearance
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